If you get fungus on your nails, healing terms needs dicipline and patient. You should not give up, you should not be bored, you can get the healty nails that you are dream for. You can check our Instagram page, it will inspire you J

We are offering 3 below things;

  1. You should take medical foot care in 3 weeks periods until it get better.  After that only one medical foot care for per month, could be save you from any risky situation.
  2. You should use antifungal products, one of the best is tea tree oil. You need to use it every day one or two times for the  best efficient.  The second recommended product is antifungal spray which purifies your shoes and house slippers also. Because, you shouldn’t wear unpurfied ones on your purified feet.
  3. Fungus loves wet  places. After washing your feet or after shower, it is not enough to dry them by towel. The enough application can be made by hair drier’s cold setting.