Callus and Corn occures  because of much friction and taking the body weight’s irregularly. Which means if you use your left foot’s front side more than the other sides  there is a big posibility, you have corn on there.. (this is a measurable thing by gait analyse device)

Callus and corn means, your skin is trying to protect itselves from extra friction (by narrow shoes may be) and extra heaviness than it supposed to be managed.

When we treating on a callus and corn, we are cleaning up it on your first session. If it hurts before, you will leave from our clinic hurtless..  The thing is; callus and corns is not a cause but they are results.. When we eliminate the cause, result can’t be occured. So some silicon supports or insoles could be recommended for save your foot.

Wart can be mixed with callus, but there is some easy ways to determinte if it is wart or callus;

  1. When you push sides (as acne), if it is wart, it hurts. Callus hurts when you push on it not from sides.
  2. If it is wart, it is possible to have some black dots on it. Calluses generally has not.
  3. Wart defects your skin finger prints, they  will be defected and invisible if it is wart, callus doesn’t..

Warts occured because of a virus. Cryotherapy freezes the virus and you can get better in 2-3 weeks..